Andrea and KiaWhat is mentoring?

A mentor is an adult who provides a young person with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive example. Mentoring can be a powerful tool for helping young people to fulfill their potential. The mentoring relationship can be casual, or more formal and structured.

An informal mentoring relationship can be formed during the course of regular life events, with the adult (perhaps a relative, coach, neighbor, or teacher) providing guidance and support to a young person.

A more formal approach — the type of mentoring highlighted in “Show Me the Way” — is encouraged by a specific organization and takes place over a predetermined period of time. Organizations like the Fulfillment Fund (and others listed here) create a structured and trusting environment that brings young people together with caring adults who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at helping the youth with a specific goal, such as finishing high school and going to college.


Who can use “Show Me the Way”?

  • Parents: Is your child struggling in school? Having problems with friends? Not enough support to succeed?
  • Students: Is peer pressure or lack of support causing you to fall behind in school? Could you use an extra boost to help you graduate from high school? Are you considering dropping out of school?
  • Teachers and counselors: Do you have students who could use extra attention to achieve their goals? Not enough resources to provide for their needs?
  • Community leaders: Are there youth in your community that need extra guidance and a helping hand?


What can you use “Show Me the Way” for?

  • Community awareness: Use the movie to build awareness within your community about mentoring as a proven solution for youth success.
  • Gang prevention programs: Show young people and their parents mentoring in action – and show them how mentoring works.
  • PTA meetings: If you let parents know that help is available, and teach them that success is possible, they can better help their children to become productive citizens – and they may even become mentors themselves.
  • Existing mentoring programs: Use the movie for educating people about the benefits of mentoring. This will assist in mentor recruitment, student recruitment and fundraising.


Where can you use “Show Me the Way”?

Anywhere with a screen! Here are some ideas:

Schools | Colleges | Community centers | Libraries | Film festivals | Theaters | Youth programs | Rotary Clubs | Lions Clubs | Kiwanis Clubs | Elks Clubs | Optimist Clubs | Senior centers | Auditoriums | Board rooms | Community organizations

You can also watch “Show Me the Way” in your own home, to educate yourself and your family about mentoring as an important solution to our nation’s incredibly high dropout rate.


How can I learn more, and get a copy of “Show Me the Way”?

Send us a request for more information, or visit the web site of our distributor, Green Planet Films.

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